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Abraham Peterson
30 years old
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28 years old
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My name is Elena. I'm from Russia and I LOVE nature, and all back yard birds. I graduated university of agriculture in 1993 in Turkmenistan, when it was part of Soviet Union. My wish – one day, soon, I will move to WV and we will have enough room to build my own collection of poultry.

With love




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Annie Sires

Ari Katz
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Buc~A~Buc Farm
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48 years old

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About Me

46 years old
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About Me

new to chicken keeping, I have so far 8 RSL and I am looking to add maybe some easter eggers or barred rocks in the future. I keep reef tanks and I love Rottweilers:)

About Me

Have previously raised ducks for eggs and meat and about to embark on the same with geese and chickens.

Dale Johnson
About Me

I have a small farm named Antietam Glen in Keedysville, Maryland where we raise pasture chickens for both eggs and meat for home consumption. I work as a Farm Management Specialist for the University of Maryland Extension.

Damien harley
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Donald Brock
57 years old
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Site Owner
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